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    Genuine Seat /VW /Audi /Skoda G12evo Coolant / Antifreeze Replaces G13 G12E050A3

    Genuine Seat / VW / Audi / Skoda G12 Coolant / Antifreeze Replaces G13 G12E050A3

    Part number; G12E050A3

    Brand New Item In Original Packaging.

    This Anti-Freeze is PRE-MIX


    Genuine Skoda / VW / Audi / Seat G12 Coolant/Antifreeze Replaces G13

    More than just frost protection

    Genuine G12 coolant additive has been specifically formulated for ŠKODA engines and is designed to provide protection against overheating, corrosion, limescale build-up and freezing weather conditions.

    • Cooling performance 

    Heat generated by combustion and friction can cause engines to overheat and can lead to total failure. G12 coolant has a significantly higher boiling point, which helps to dissipate this heat – even in extreme conditions.

    • Corrosion protection 

    To prevent corrosion, G12 contains an additive that deposits a protective coating on the metal surfaces in the cooling system.

    • Limescale prevention 

    Limescale can accumulate in the radiator and heat exchanger, impeding heat dissipation. G12 prevents limescale being deposited by the cooling fluid.

    • Antifreeze protection 

    The coolant additive contains glycols to prevent it freezing at sub-zero temperatures, which would result in expansion of the coolant and could lead to engine components being damaged. If you are not 100% certain this is correct for your vehicle please email us with your registration number or chassis number so we can check fitment for you, however we are currently only a Seat dealership so can only check compatibility for Seat vehicles.

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